A New Romance Writer’s Editing Checklist

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There is an old saying in the writing globe. Writing your novel is only half the job. Nothing at all could be truer. Having your thought on paper is actually only half the job. The other half is generating it into a polished, prepared to send off novel. That requires blood, sweat, and editing!

Several writers appear to assume that what comes out of their fingers is excellent. That is almost certainly due to the fact it requires such an work to make the written words flow. How could they not be excellent? Although some of your writings will be pretty very good ideal off the bat. Most will will need some polishing to be prepared for a publisher to study. That is exactly where editing comes in.

There are numerous issues to appear at prior to sending your function out. Right here are some checklists to use when you have completed editing your novel so you know it is at its most polished finest.


Any story will will need investigation performed to make it realistic. Even a modern day day story wants tidbits of reality to make the reader actually think it could take place. Making use of the ideal mix of detail to story will make your tale genuine to your readers. As soon as you finish, ask oneself theses inquiries.

Do I have sufficient particulars in my book to show the reader exactly where, and when, the story requires location?

Have I spent sufficient time gathering info that is correct?

Did I double verify my investigation, from a separate supply, to be certain it is appropriate?

Did I have a very good sense of my novel’s wants when it came to the investigation?

Did I use sufficient particulars to make the story come to life, devoid of overloading it with just about every trivial factor I discovered?

Did I take into account the accents and behaviors of the men and women in my time period, or place, even though writing my novel?


Every single author, no matter how renowned, has to rewrite their function. It is what sets the good writers off from the not so good. You cannot get away with not rewriting your function. So ask oneself these inquiries when you assume you have completed your edits.

Did you study your manuscript by way of the initial time devoid of generating any modifications to get an thought of what did, and did not function?

Did you make notes of the components that did not function?

Did you attempt to discover out why these components did not function?

Did you go by way of and discover the repetitive words, phrases and suggestions in your novel?

Have you marked the locations that could use extra particulars and marked the locations that could use fewer particulars?

Did you resolve these locations through the subsequent edit?

Have you shown your story to the reader, as an alternative of telling him the tale?

Does your novel move at a correct pace, maintaining the reader reading from begin to finish?

Did you do an edit for your grammar and spelling blunders?

And did you bear in mind not to rely entirely on spell/grammar checks in your word processing plan?

Have you let a different individual study your function and comment on it?

If any of these inquiries are answered in the unfavorable, you will need to do a different edit. Do not fall into the trap of pondering your piece is excellent. Keep in mind, writing is a journey and typically occasions the path demands extra than 1 traveling.


1 of the finest tools a writer can have is feedback. Locating other readers and writers to go by way of your function and give you critical insight into it is worth its weight in pens and paper. LOL, you believed I’d say gold, did not you? Ask oneself these inquiries in regards to the feedback you have received.

Have I had sufficient men and women appear at my piece?

Did sufficient men and women study it, each pals and strangers?

Did I study by way of all received comments, not just the good ones?

Did I take every single comment with a grain of salt, generating certain the comments had been beneficial and not useless?

Did I remind myself the reader was commenting on my novel, not on my skills as a writer?

Did I bear in mind that every single reader will base their comments on their personal individual experiences and opinions?

Have I been polite and thanked just about every reviewer, even the ones that did not have any good issues to say about my function?

Feedback is critical to a writer, but in the finish the choices of what goes into a novel are the writers. But hold this in thoughts: if most reviewers are pointing out the identical factor you should really take note and give that spot a extra cautious appear.

Editing a novel is a extended involved procedure. It can take even the most knowledgeable writer a good deal of time, work, and patience. But the finish benefits are properly worth the time.